Battery Handling

The Mobile Shifter

The Mobile ShifterIdeal for: Small Forklift Fleets
Cost: Very Low
Power Source: DC Battery From Host Truck
Key Features: Safety and Affordability

Power Wash Cabinet


Power Wash CabinetIdeal for: Medium to Large Fleets
Power Source: AC Power
Key Features: MS Vehicle Loads & Unloads Washer


Poly-Glide Systems: Single-Level Storage


Poly-Glide Systems: Single-Level StorageIdeal for: The Poly-Glide system supports each battery with two UHMW strips. Each battery position is custom fit to minimize wasted space between   


The Original Single Level Vehicle


The Original Single Level VehicleIdeal for: Small, Medium & Large Forklift Fleets
Cost: Medium
Power Source: AC or DC Battery
Key Features: Magnetic Gr read