The Mobile Shifter
The Mobile Shifter

Ideal for: Small Forklift Fleets
Cost: Very Low
Power Source: DC Battery From Host Truck
Key Features: Safety and Affordability
The Mobile Shifter gives small fleet users a safe, productive method of changing forklift batteries. The Mobile-Shifter is simply attached to a pallet truck. The Mobile-Shifter has some distinct advantages over competitive models. Let's explore these advantages...


First and foremost is safety. The battery compartment of the Mobile-Shifter is fitted with poly strips instead of rollers used in competitive models. This is a much safer approach. Here's why:

Competitive Design Flaws

The battery compartment is 6 to 10 inches longer than the battery it carries. The competitor's roller bed design allows the battery to bang back and forth in the compartment during stops and starts with the pallet truck. Continued banging back and forth of the battery bends the safety stop until it can not be lifted or lowered by hand. Operators have to use a hammer to get the safety stop in the proper position or constantly replace the safety gate.

High Potential for Accidents

People get tired of hammering the safety stop in place, they forget, or they can't find a hammer and the battery ends up on the floor. The potential for personal injury and battery damage is greatly increased. There is also considerable downtime while the battery is put back on the roller bed.