Multi-Shifter vs. the Competition

When we were designing the Mobile-Shifter, we talked to end users who had competitive models. They told us they had accidentally dumped batteries on the floor because of the roller bed design.

Multi-Shifter "designed out" this potential safety hazard. Our poly bed design keeps the battery from banging back and forth in the battery compartment. The weight of the battery on the poly strips creates a braking action.

Poly strips have the added advantage of being "maintenance-free" Rollers have roller bearings, axles, and retainer rings, which wear out and must be replaced.

The Mobile-Shifter handles batteries up to 4,000 lbs.

The bed length of the Mobile-Shifter can handle longer turret truck batteries. Multi-Shifter has models for narrow-aisle forklift trucks and for counterbalance forklifts. We also have models that change both counterbalance and narrow-aisle forklift batteries.

The Mobile-Shifter uses the same magnet as our battery handling vehicles.