The Quad-30
The Quad 30

Ideal for: Large Forklift Fleets
Cost: High
Power Source: AC
Key Features: Fastest Battery Handling Vehicle in the Industry, Magnetic Grab with 5 Year Warranty, Free Flowing Roller Bed, Able to Service up to 3 Truck Per Change Cycle

Multi-Shifter manufactures two distinct lines of Multi-Level systems. Our high-performance system centers around a vehicle that has unmatched performance. Let's compare it to the competition.
Multi-Shifter's Quad-30 vehicle travels at 300 fpm. The competition's travel speed is 240 fpm. The Quad-30 lifts at 39 feet per minute, versus the competition's 27 fpm. The Quad-30 lowers at 74.5 fpm, the competition lowers at 22 fpm.
So, the Quad-30 travels 33% faster, lifts 44% faster, and lowers 175% faster than the competition. The Quad-30 can also lift/lower and travel at the same time. When elevated, our reduced lift/lower cycle speed is 59% greater than our closest competitor.
The 4-compartment roller bed on the Quad-30 can carry up to 4 batteries at once. This enables the operator to pull enough batteries out of storage stands to change betteries in up to 3 lift trucks during one cycle. The competition cannot do this. They only have 2 battery compartments. So, they must run a complete change cycle for every lift truck that they service.
The Quad-30 is the most productive Multi-Level vehicle in the industry. Ranging from two to six levels high, it provides end users the very best in Multi-Level battery handling.