Filtration Systems
Filtration Systems

Ideal for: Small, Medium & Large Forklift Fleets

Help Rescue The Planet
Use our filtration system. Its Importance to You!!
You've washed your forklift battery. Now you need to wash the water you've used. Not only is it the Right thing to do, it's also the Law.
After your forklift battery has been washed, there are two by-products - a clean battery and contaminated water. The battery goes back to work. The water is left contaminated with Heavy Metals such as Lead, Copper, and Antimony. It also contains Sulfuric Acid. None of these waste materials can be freely dumped down your drain without the risk of your company being fined.

Lead - A Little Bit Goes A Long Way
That's why lead-based paint was outlawed. A 1/4 pound of lead contaminates 500,000 gallons of water. That's why the EPA has labeled lead as one of the "Big Seven" toxic waste materials. Just a little bit can ruin any water supply, and the EPA has strict fines for offenders.

How Is Your Wash Water Being Processed?
Multi-Shifter, Inc. has designed a filtration system to purify the water used to wash your lift truck batteries. We "get the lead out" and neutralize the acid. Let's take a closer look at the system.

"Washing" Your Water
Multi-Shifter's Environmental Filtration Unit has the benefit of capturing all heavy metals such as Lead, Copper, Antimony, Zinc, and Chromium.

The Filter-5 Environmental Filtration System is a "closed loop" system. It operates independently of facility water and sewer systems. Wash water is collected and processed through the system.....again and again.

The basic system consists of a series of pre-filters, a carbon filter, two heavy metal filtration tanks, a pair of water holding tanks, a conductivity indicator, and a high capacity pump. This equipment is factory mounted on a two level epoxy coated steel stand. The filtration stand is designed to conserve floor space and allow for easy service access.

The system works in conjunction with Multi-Shifter's complete line of manual battery wash stands and Automatic Battery Wash Cabinets.

The Multi-Shifter Environmental Filtration System Helping Rescue The Planet!!