Millennium SPW Kits
Millennium SPW Kits

Flow-Rite makes ordering and installing simple and easy with a variety of kit options that will meet your all of your needs.Each kit includes all items (excluding water supply) necessary for a complete installation.

Each kit contains:

  • Millennium valves
  • Red end plugs
  • Quick coupler with dust cover
  • Tubing
  • Spanner tool
  • Battery Refill Record

Standard kit options:

  • Valve Style
  • Type of Cell Access (Flip Top/Cell Inspection Plug)
  • Coupler Style
  • Level Indicators
  • Flame Arrestors

Preassembled kits:

Flow-Rite offers a Preassembly service for kits purchased in bulk quantities. Contact a Flow-Rite representative for details.