Warehouse Truck Weighing

Warehouse trucks with integrated RAVAS mobile scales

All make and models of warehouse trucks can be converted to a mobile weighing centre. For flexible and integrated warehouse control equipped with a RAVAS mobile weighing system to weigh all loads which are picked up, therefore a 100% control is achieved of your warehouse inventory, incoming goods and dispatched goods. For all applications there is a right solution - !

All units feature:
  • No moving parts
  • Equipped with 4 or 6 Load cells each with a capacity of 1000 kg
  • Maintenance free
  • High accuracy - 0,1% applied load
  • Retrofit or factory installed systems
  • (options) bar-code readers and (label) printers
  • (options) Explosion proof and/or legal for trade
  • (options) Data transmission by WLAN or Bluetooth
  • Connected to WMS by WLAN