Video: Cube Master System

Ideal for: Medium to Large Forklift Fleets
Cost:Low to Medium
Power Source:AC
Key Features:

  • Magnetic Grab with 5 Year Warranty
  • Tubular Equalization
  • Free Flowing Roller Bed
  • Able to Service up to 3 Lift Trucks per Change Cycle

Multi-Shifter Australia - The second line of Multi-Level systems we offer is the Cube Master System.

The Cube Master vehicle stacks batteries two and three levels high. It is competitively priced and has been popular with high-throughput distribution operations.

The Cube Master design utilizes a unique tube-in-tube lift system combined with automatic hydraulic equalization. This design has 30% fewer moving parts than competitive models. This equates to lower maintenance and lower cost of ownership.

Like the Quad-30, the Cube Master has a 4-compartment roller bed allowing the operator to change batteries in up to three lift trucks during one change cycle.